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RED V BLUE: The Classes.
« on: October 18, 2012, 04:46:41 PM »
Listed below are all the classes with a short description and their identifying chest plate.

The Swordsman

The standard foot soldier of Red V Blue. Hard to kill in his iron armour and packing the hardest punch of any class with his diamond sword, this is the most balanced and easiest class to use for beginners and experts alike.

Weapon: Diamond Sword
Armour: Iron
Chest plate: Chain mail

The Ranger

The champion of ranged combat in Red V Blue. Although clad in light armour and wielding a simple wooden sword, this  class comes with a bow and stack of arrows giving it the only damage causing ranged weapon in the game. From a high vantage point or twinned with a swordsman this class can cause the most damage with very little danger to themselves.

Weapon: Bow, one stack of arrows and a wooden sword.
Armour: Leather
Chest plate: Leather

The Tank

A more specialized class designed to defend more than attack. His iron and diamond armour gives him one of the highest defenses but the stone sword he wields reduces the damage he causes drastically. Best used to defend tight areas such as bridges and corridors or to throw themselves in the way of lighter armored allies while they deal the damage.

Weapon: Stone sword
Armour: Iron
Chest plate: Diamond

The Berserker [Note: Only available to Tier 3&4 donators]

A specialized rushing class. The Berserker has the second best combat weapon in the game and is the only class with the ability to heal itself via golden apples, that comes with a price though as it has simple leather and iron armour. Best used to rush an opponent after chomping on an apple this class can be devastating when it first hits but wont last long after the first few hits.

Weapon: Diamond axe and three Golden Apples.
Armour: Leather
Chest plate: Iron

The Grappler [Note: Only available to Tier 3&4 donators]

A specialized harassment class. The Grappler is designed to hold off attackers more than harm them. Clad in the best armour in the game and wielding a fishing rod, the grappler can push back an enemy again and again to prevent them approaching. Used wisely he can also push enemies off high ledges and bridges. Should the combat get up and close the Grappler does have an iron axe making it slightly stronger than a tank in combat but only two per side can be taken.

Weapon: Fishing rod and Iron axe
Armour: Diamond
Chest plate: Gold