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Zombie Infection!
« on: January 12, 2013, 02:23:29 AM »
Madgaming is proud to present the Zombie Infection mini-games as its first in a range of new games on the new event map!

What is Zombie Infection?

Its simple really! Once you join a game and vote for a map everyone is teleported onto the map. Ten seconds later one of your companions unfortunately gets turned into one of the undead! Every player the zombie player kills joins the legion of the undead and the game ends when all the players are zombies or the 8 minute time limit runs out! Kills in games and winning games awards you zombie survival coins which can be spent to give you that advantage next game as well so no game is ever the same!

What are these advantages?

Well in short they are grenades! Each grenade has a different effect such as blindness and fragmentation. They can be bought in the zombie infection hub and last for that single game but if you run out during a game there is a secret stash of grenades on every map (though they are more expensive!) if you can find them!

What maps are available?

Each map is based on a tradition zombie survival film or environment. At the start of a game you have the option of voting for your preferred map and im sure in time you will develop your own favorites! Below is a list of the maps and the keywords you have to use for voting!

Cabin in the Woods
(Evil Dead/The Cabin in the Woods)
Voting keyword: Cabin

A holiday cabin in a perpetually dark woods. What can go wrong?

Shopping Mall
(Dawn of the Dead)
Voting keyword: Mall

The classic mall! Ok which one of you got bitten and didn't tell the group?

The Winchester
(Shaun of the Dead)
Voting keyword: Pub

Sit back, relax and wait for this to all blow over.

All-American Farm
(Generic location)
Voting keyword: farm

A calm and personal farm. Also zombies.

All-American Town
(Walking Dead/Dawn of the Dead)
Voting keyword: Town

Wide and open spaces make this the biggest map of them all!

How do I visit Zombie Infection?

Just choose the correct warp building at the Event spawn and follow the instructions at the zombie infection spawn!

We hope you have fun and may the best zombie win!
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