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Trouble in Terrorist Town - Server Rules
« on: February 25, 2013, 09:07:54 PM »
Trouble in Terrorist Town Server Rules

1.  When Innocent, you can only shoot someone on valid grounds. (E.g. If they shoot you) Random Death matching will result in a ban!
-First RDM will result in you being Slain
-Second RDM will result in a Temporary Ban

2.  Only detectives can give orders, disobeying orders allows the detectives to hurt as a warning.

3.  Throwing grenades at random is not allowed as innocent.

-First grenade will result as a verbal warning
-Second Grenade will result as you being slain

4.  Don't let the time run out as a traitor. For example don't hide in the traitor room

-You will be slain for excessive traitor room camping

5.  Your name should be pronounceable and typable. When asked to change your name, do so or get kicked.

6.  Don't overuse the voice chat. Don't microphone spam etc.

-If you spam your microphone you will be kicked

7.  Glitching, exploiting, hacking or scripts and other related ways of cheating will result in a ban.

-This will be a straight up ban

8.  Metagaming and ghosting is never allowed.

-First you will be slain
-If continues you will be banned

9.  Do not kill rule breakers. Don't take the law into your own hands, only shoot in self-defence. A member of staff will deal with the accused person.

10. Claiming areas and killing people just for entering is RDM

-You will be slain

11. Do not destroy traitor testers if innocent.

-You will be slain

12. Do not attack people with props (Barrels, etc.), it will give them reason to kill you.
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Re: Trouble in Terrorist Town Server Rules
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2013, 09:18:40 PM »
Killable Offenses

1. Randomly Firing at people or around people

2. Destroying Health Station

3. Setting Traps When Your Innocent

4. Running Towards Someone With Explosive Barrel

5. Using Props To Push Or Hold Someone

6. Trapping/Blocking Someone

7. Injuring someone with a prop or hitting them with a prop (E.g a barrel)

8. Refusing to get in a tester

9. Destroying Testers
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