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Please Read before Posting
« on: March 17, 2013, 09:18:24 PM »
Making a Thread:

-Include a format which people can use to apply, if you want you can look at other faction recruitment topics to get an idea of what questions you can ask.
-You may want to include some pictures off your base, people may be more inclined to join if you have a nice base.
-When making a recruitment topic make sure you have all the required information about your faction.
-Make sure you keep on top of all the applications.


-Read the first post of a thread, this is where the faction admin will tell you everything about the faction and how to recruit in their way, each faction has a different type of form you have to fill out in order to apply.
-Make sure you fill out all the required information for applying and tell the truth, most of the time you will get caught out if you lie.
-Do not send the faction admins and mods messages bugging them about your application, they will look at it in their own time.
-When applying for a faction you may want to only apply for one at a time. If you don't get accepted move on to another