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Nero Recruitment!
« on: March 24, 2013, 11:35:34 AM »
Welcome to Nero! The ultimate faction experience! PVP, epic base, fun times, soon personal rooms what more could you ask for?!  We are a small PVP based faction looking for a couple more skilled players to join the family! ;)  Everyone in our faction is mainly a PVPer but everyone also must pick a sub job: brewer, builder, miner, harvester, or a scout.  Occasionally we grab some potions and swarm the PVP!  Hey all we want is fun so why not apply  :D (your application is not guaranteed to be accepted)

Application Format!

Ingame name:
What will you bring to the faction?:
Favorite Type of PVP? (chemist, archer, trapper, swordsman, ect):
Promise to be loyal?:
Are you ready to paarrttyyyy!:
Anything else we should know?: