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As you can see from the title of this thread it is about the recently released game The Last of Us.

So, after taking nearly 18 hours to complete (in 1 sitting!) I have come to the conclusion that is might possibly the best game that I have ever played. The storyline sucked me in and I couldn't put the controller down. I needed to know what happened next. Along with one of the if not the best story line a game has had it had very likeable characters.I think this was another reason why I enjoyed the game as much as I did. There is nothing worse than have to play a game with characters that annoy you or just generally piss you off.

I thought the combat was nice and fluid.The moves where you would sneak up behind someone and choke them out were  really well done. The zombie models were also really well done and looked really good. (Scary as well the first time you see a bloody clicker.)The inventory system was done nicely and easy to navigate. There was quite a bit of customisation you could do to your character like making your character more steady when shooting a gun or a bigger distance for the listening system where you can basically see where the enemies are.

I was going to go into the story a bit deeper but I thought even if I tell people there are spoilers I don't want to be ruining it for them. If you want to know what happens my advice is IF you have a Playstation go out and buy it. You won't regret it. IF you don't have a Playstation try finding a playthrough without any commentary as I feel that commentary would ruin the atmosphere.

Overall I really enjoyed this game, great story line, characters and the scenery. ( Even though the scenery was mostly run down derelict buildings  it was still beautiful to me. :P

My rating for this game is definitely a 10/10.
Please post your opinions about this game, what you thought of it, what you didn't like about it, what you thought they could of done better with it etc etc.   
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Re: The Last of Us. *WARNING: Some Spoilers may be included* MOVED
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This game was amazing I didn't buy it myself but I watched a 10 hour game play on twitchtv the commentary was good he didn't ruin anything all he did was being the character like when he was Joel he was doing his voice and when he was the girl (forgot her name) he was doing her voice he made it funny while nothing was happing or she or he saying something he would comment it back. It was interesting as  the story went on and would love if they did another game like this.

Back to the story and the game its self the look of the game is amazing all the new details they put in the game like if your up top somewhere like a tower or on the edge of a building you can see the whole city or town. The mission in the snow was amazing so much good details and the infected awwwwwww they were amazing the clinkers and the runners even the bloaters are scary when they come at you it makes you so scared you would miss your shots and might die. I like they added the notes from people who were about to die or who were trying to escape from the infected.

Here's a tip when a clinkers is very close to you just run a bit back shoot then run again and keep doing it until he's dead (they can only here noises so you can be right in front of one and you wouldn't get caught just can't do it for the runners). Another tip be as sneaky as you can if you yolo it you just get scared and die. It isn't that scary but when you don't do the right things it will get scary for you :)
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